Our "Spread the Love Campaign" expressly foucuses on Matt. 25:43 "...I was naked, and you didn't give Me clothing."We want God's people currently expriencing lack to be able to have something nice and clean to wear. If you don't need cloting and are blessed to do so, you may donate clothing during this event, which will be washed or dry cleand and handed out on the following event date. You do not need to be a member of our church to participate. We are the Body of Christ and together we make the difference. For futher information for donations, you may contact the church at 1-800-649-9118 x889. Thank you in advance for you love, time, and financial support. May the Lord bless you for keeping the command to Feed His Sheep! (Matthew 25:42-45)

The Oneness Church Transportation Dept is here to serve visitors with a means to be blessed by the Word of God. Please call at least 1 day in advance but no later than 7am Sunday morning. You may also schedule pickup by email. If you will not be able to make it, please cancel. Space is limited & we would like to give that seat to someone else. Please download our app for up to date info which will be available on the Oneness Church app. You DO NOT need to be a member to take advantage of this FREE service.