The manna is over

Here Bishop Royal teaches from the book of Joshua how the manna was for a season and never intended to be a permanent source once. Once obedience was fulfilled, manna ceased, and the promise began. Find out where you are in these 3 stages of victory.

"Who's Riding Your Ass?"

Here Bishop Royal exposes the trick of being resistant to the leading of God because of the previous riders in our life, and how the Lord sees us as valuable and desiring us to be loosed, even though unfaithful men watch our entanglements

"Dying to be Heard"

Here Bishop Royal explains how being in a blind & beggardly state in your life does not disqualify your cries for mercy to be heard by the Lord. But change must come from; and the cry MUST emit from, your heart.

"Where is your cup?"

Going through hell in your life is not always a sign that you are doing something wrong; in fact, the opposite may be true. Jesus asked the question, "Can you drink from my cup...?" How we react to trials and persecution in life usually answers that question for us.

"Faithless, Faithfullness"

Bishop Royal outlines how has become faithful to not having faith, and the countless casualties that accompany such a deadly and dangerous trend of faithlessness in the body of Christ to others searching for their way to; or back to, God's throne of grace.

"The Entangled Tango"

Here Bishop Royal outlines the trending word "Entangled" and how; through the book of 2 Timothy, the body of Christ has become entangled with the sin that Christ has already delivered us from.

"Tomorro's Bread Today"

Sermon/Bible Study combo. Here Bishop outlines how God's plan is always for us to live off of the provisions for THAT DAY. Here Bishop Royal teaches how mismanaging today's bread on tomorrow can be costly.

"Safety Not Included"

Here through scripture, Bishop Royal dismisses the myth that Christianity is synonymous with comfort, care, and abundance. God never promised that there wouldn't be rough patches. But what to do when these times come? (the answers are here).

The Death Sentece of Life

Bishop Royal explains how the sentence of death in most cases are the very thing God allows to happen in effort to bring you life!

Flesh and BLOOD (From: The Corona Chronicles)

Here Bishop Royal outlines the war between the Spirit and the flesh, and how the flesh can derail what the Blood (covenant) has destined.

"You Don't Even Know Me Like That Though"

Relationship OVER Religion. Often we pray to a God that we really don't know (as in the book of Acts).

"Don't Let'em Drag You to Hell"

Don't allow flesh and blood to be the reason you don't make it in (Deliver me from people)

"The Crossover"

It's time for the saints of God to get pass the process phase of being built/fashioned for victory, and now cross over into the land of blessings that we were promised. Here Bishop Royal expresses this moment.

"Your Trial is Just a Trial"

Here Pastor Royal shows how your trials are just a phase that God uses to shape your character & faith for elevation. Ignoring fault finders are a main part of this process.

"This Life Is Not Yours!"

Here we explore how understanding the new person (life of Christ we now live) can sharpen our focus in situations, make sense of hardships, and reconsider why we experienced disappointments in life.

"The Battle aint about God, It's About You!"

Here we learn how going through trials is God's way of growing us and positioning us to be in a place of Blessings. Victory and failure is only separated by the knowledge why we are going through it.

"Once is Not Always"

Holding on to past triumphs has no place in a RIGHT NOW battle! Here we expose the tactics of how the enemy has infiltrated the church and the decline of its power. War is being waged (stealthily) in the very house of God.

"I Doesn't Come, until You Go"

Here Bishop Royal shows us in the word of God how the healing is already inside of us, even those that are not as close to Christ as others. But the healing process can't take place until you begin to walk it out in faith.

"Lied on, Cheated, Talked about, Mistreated" (Do it for you)

Here we explore how God uses people that desire to destroy us to drag us into his presence

"The Stony Heart of a Pharisee"

Here we explore the dangers of being connected to the wrong people and how it can delay your own breakthrough

"Are you a Sheep or a Goat?"

Here Bishop Royal explains in the word of God the difference between the sheep (blessed of God) and the goats (cursed) and the characteristics of a deceitful goat to mimic the sheep, and the dangers of not identifying the goats in our lives.

Principles of Marriage (Get your sexy Back!)

Here Bishop lays out the fundamentals in a right now way using the Word of God as the blueprint. We learn how to avoid pitfalls & snags for singles looking to be married or enhancing their present situation.

"The Purpose of the Thorn" (Part 2)

See Part 1 for details

"The Best is Yet to Come"

The best you is still trapped inside. You can start with the "mustard seed" faith, but it was never God's plan for you to STAY in that immature state.

"The Yoke of Bondage"

Here we discover how God has been instructing us to move FORWARD in life with "like-minded" people, otherwise, we are doomed to carry the loads and burdens of those that should have been part of our ELEVATION

"Get Out the Boat" (Just keep swimming)

Even when failing after the blessing can still become a triumph for others watching our walk with God from afar.

"The Compassion Phase"

Here Bishop; through the Word of God, answers the most asked question in the history of mankind, "Why did that happen to me?"

"The Boomerang Effect" (The Ministry of Disobedience)

We Explore how God can use disobedience to change the lives of others while you're on your way "back" to Him

"The Gift of Goodbye"

Explore how being shackled to flesh & blood can derail you from your blessings & purpose in God's Kingdom

"The Art of Warfare"

We explore the 3 major ways that the enemy uses to isolate and destroy our forward progress.

The Oneness Way (Part 2 of 2) "It Was Good..."

The Affliction Benefit

"The Attainability of Christ"

Discover by the Word of God, how we can walk like Christ because He was created to walk exactly like us

"If not with Jesus, then where?"

After experiencing the Living Word, how can we return to the life that we left behind? Explore how going back after all we've been through is not an option.

"The Church & Homosexuality"

Dismissing myth that intolerance is hate, and drawing the line between obedience and compromise from the only authority that matters (the Word of God)

"I'm Not Done With You Yet"

Exploring how God finds us in the places that people have thrown us away. This is the refining moment when God should exact punishment, but declares, "I'm not done with you yet"

"The Cry of the Lost for Healing at the Cross"

Even when coming from the most ungodly place, we can determine our own blessing just by calling on the Savior

"What to Do in that Hour When he Seeks to Devour" (Don't Do That!)

Knowing what NOT to do when under attack

"Don't Be so Hard on Daddy" (Father's Day 2016)

Understanding the plight of a good father in transition to becoming a great father.

"Giving God What's Left"

Experiencing lack is a direct result of not honoring God first

Communion Service June 2016

Understanding Communion like never before

"The Last Shake"

It looks worse at the end of a bad season than the beginning. Explore how to place yourself in position to receive the breakthrough

"The Greatest Calling of Your Life"

Explaining through God's word how our CALLING and our GIFT is not the same. The greatest calling is the one you already answered

"You Weren't There..."

If they weren't there when the Lord delivered you from hell, they can't fully understand why you have joy when hell is all around

"The Weep of Restoration"

Discover how living a life acceptable to God can change His mind about allowing tragedy in our lives

"After the Blessing: When the Pressure is Off"

We've been taught that when the pressure is on, that's the real you. But here we explore how man tends to turn from God AFTER the blessing... When the pressure is off.

"Cut the Skiff"

Recognizing how your "back up plan" can interfere with God's purpose in your life

Oneness Church Revival 2016

Exploring the Promises of God's forgiveness, even in the the time of calamity

"Do You Boo Boo"

You will never please other people if you desire more in life. May as well do you!

"...But Now"

Transitioning from miracles to blessings & promises

"What Are You Screaming?"

How to make the walls of your Jerico (opposition) fall

"Circumcise Me" - Snippet/Clip

Moving into 2016 without Extra Flesh to Hold us Back

"Help is on the Way"

Understanding Why the Wait Happens

God and Earplugs

Remembering God's Ultimate Purpose

Don't Let'em Kill Lazarus

Finding the strength to hold on to the Power of your Testimony

The Devil is NOT All That

Exposing the Weaknessess and Limitations of Satan

Grace in the Wilderness

Why the Wilderness is Necessary

The Power of Fasting & the Elevation of Faith

Utterly Destroy Complacency

Avoiding the Snares of being Unsatisfied in your Season

The Peace that Calms the Storm

The Peace INSIDE that Can Clam any OUTSIDE Storm

Touch Me Again

When One Touch is Not Enough

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"Shaken, but NOT stirred"

Here Bishop Royal outlines the silent, but obvious paralyzing effects of being afraid of genuine change, while erroneously depending on "man" to assist us in the healing of what's causing our struggle.

"The Power of Sacrifice"

Here Bishop Royal explains how the foundational power of any breakthrough is ignited by the sparks of sacrifice

"Teach me Your ways"

Here Bishop Royal explains how God's glory can't go before us until we have a desire to walk in His statutes, and how dangerous it is to now know the Lord's ways.

"Twisted Truth" - bible study

Godly conduct can not be followed when the truth of those conduct requirements are TWISTED by man! Here, Bishop Royal sheds light on this "truth twisting" that has been done since the garden of Eden.

"Let me see Your nails"

Here Pastor Royal outlines the dangers of doubt and how hurtful it can be in the hands of others.

"Suffering, Succotash"

Just when things couldn't get any stranger, a hidden message from Bugs Bunny was revealed of determination and spiritual prowess.

"His hemn, is not Him"

Here Bishop Royal takes a very popular story in the bible and reveals a new revelation of how a new dynamic and a new life can be fostered between ANYONE and God, just by a change of heart and a reaching out in faith, even if they don't touch the Lord directly (perfect religion).

"Why U So Salty?"

We are the "salt of the earth". Here Bishop Royal explains exactly what that means as well as the purpose for the salt that was thrown out.

"You, the Corner Man"

Here we explore how duplicating the character of Christ can encourage another to keep fighting

"Look Beyond the Trees"

Here Bishop Royal shows how easy it is to miss the glory of God by seeing the power of man.

"Jack in the Box Christians"

Here Bishop Royal explains how the today "Christian" is really not in APPLICATION what they claim to be by DEFINITION

"You Don't Even..."

Here we discover how going through your firey trials with faith and conviction will cause unbelievers that are watching to serve (your God) the Living God

"Fashioned for Favor"

Here Bishop Royal explains how the beatings of life are hammering you into God's masterpiece

"At Times He Tarries"

Here Bishop Royal explains why sometimes the Lord will not swoop in and save you from hurtful situations, but He will tarry (delay) to get us in a position to believe Him for greater things

Good Friday - 2018

Good Friday Service at Greater New Life Christian Center

"The Verbe Called Faith" (Are you the 2 or the 10?)

Here Pastor Telecia Royal explores how not applying faith can have the same adverse effect as being faithless.

"Cut From a Different Cloth"

(The new garment of Christ) In Loving Memory of Mother Florence Collier

"I Don't Love you like That"

Here we discover how bringing the love of God down to a man's perspective can debilitate our faith in His unflinching love for us

"How are YOU going through?"

Learn how going through your adversity with the right understanding can drastically change the outcome

"The Purpose of the Thorn" (Part 1)

Here we explore how your thorn(s) has a specific purpose to grow you dependency on God and save us from ourselves, all while making us stronger through weakness

"Your Ways Are Not Hidden From God"

Impromptu message of godly conduct and the road to redemption

"The Battle is the Lord's, but You Still have to Fight It"

God delivered you from bondage to dwell in the land flowing with milk and honey in which He commands us to "Take possession". In the taking requires a fight!

"Give it Back to Me"

The test will come after the blessing if you will love the "blessing" more than "Blesser". But if you give the miracle back, what God will do in return will be greater than you can imagine!

"Let Go, and Let God"

We've been instructed to let go and let God for years, but how? This lesson will fill in the blanks

"The Abandonment Apparartus"

This lesson teaches us how abandonment is more than a life event that MUST happen to every believer, but it's a "mechanism" that God uses to shut us off of dependency on man and redirects us to trust in Him and Him alone.

"Cut the Cord"

We explore in the word of God how not "detaching" from mindsets, places, and people can stunt our spiritual growth and forward progress

"Empowered by Grace"

Watch Night Service 2016

"The Right NOW Blessing"

Explore how determining your OWN BLESSING; with the right type of faith in ACTION, has life-changing rewards.

"Go As You Were Sent"

Your failures are your best tools

The Oneness Way (Part 1 of 2)

"What is It Made Of?"

"Dig Deeper"

being attached to and/or surrounded by sin can numb us to the effects being convicted by it

Use What He Gave You

Explaining the true meaning of the parable of the Talents and how it applies to today's believers.

"The Crying Out for Sight"

Beware of those that desire to keep you from crying out to the Lord for deliverance

"I'll Do it for he, that goes Deeper with Me

The blessing can't take place until you are delivered from people. It is only then that you can go deeper with God.

"The Oasis of He, that is Inside of Me"

Learning how to draw from the FLOW within in the midst of a dry and seemingly dead situation

"Immunity from This Community"

Explore how being an "Ambassador" for Christ has a specific privilege/power Christians don't use

"When Religion is Not Enough"

Explaining people confuse being AROUND Christ is the same as being IN Christ.

"Sup the Cup and Shut Up"

Upon receiving Christ as Lord & Savior, we have died and now He lives in and through us. So when the attacks come, realize that what they did to Christ then, they want to do to Christ (you) now. There's a costs that comes with the privileges of being a child of God. Deal with it.

"What We Infer After the Stir"

We need to see that even after an opportunity has passed, God is still able to bring wholeness and success against all odds

"The Mountain of Unforgiveness"

Discovering how unforgiveness will disqualify you from the very blessing you are requesting

"He's in the Fire with You!"

Some believe that God is not there if the situation is hot. But, what we explore in God's word is that "In the fire" is when the Lord is the closest to you.

7 Steps to Walking in Perfection

Exploring 2 Peter in which is outlined the 7 steps that can keep you from stumbling

Give up for What?

What's inside me won't let me anyway

Oneness Church Spring Revival 2016

Special guest speaker Pastor Tracey Weathers

Revival 2016 Compilation

Snippets of 3 keynote speakers

"Is He REALLY your Shepard 2"

Allowing the Lord to lead you through your valley of death

"The Story Behind the Limp" full message

Wounds of testimony and victory and not of failure

"Don't Fret the Whirlwind"

Learn how the destruction sent for the wicked works in your favor

"Circumcise Me"

Breaking the Shackles of Egypt while Crossing Over into Your Promises of 2016

Copy Of -"Circumcise Me"

Breaking the Shackles of Egypt while Crossing Over into Your Promises of 2016

"Communion 2016"

Why we don't fully appreciate the Ultimate Sarifice

"Is He Really your Shepard?"

How God leads us through the Valleys of life (Psalsm 23)

"The 7 Steps to Perfection" (Bible Study)

Exploring the Seven Steps to Perfection prescribed in 2 Peter 1:2-10

The Walk of Faith (Bible Study)

Why Faith is important, and Why just any Blood wouldn't do

The Seed That Meets the Need

How to Prosper in the time of Lack

I Thirst (Good Friday)

Stuck in the Mustard Seed

Moving Beyond the Mediocre

The True Cost of Discipleship

What Jesus taught about following Him, and what the church failed to tell us

Touch Me Again (Part 2)

(Youth Message) When One Touch is Not Enough

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